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Champ des possible


Le Champ des Possible is the idea that innovation entails being curious about everything, and broadening our field of investigation beyond conventional borders.

For Art & Build Architects it is crucial to share knowledge, experiences, best practice, and innovatory ideas, so as to create the conditions for progress and leave a better inheritance for future generations.

As part of the third conference which was held on 6 December 2018, Steven Ware (Biologist and architect, associate at the Art & Build architectural firm, Director of the Paris office and the research and development centre), Yves Weinand (Architect and Civil Engineer, founder of the Bureau d’Etude Weinand, professor at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) and Carlos Moreno (University Professor, co-founder of the ‘Chaire ETI’ at the Université Paris1 Panthéon Sorbonne – IAE Paris) come forward to talk about the importance of wooden construction.

Our last videos of portraits

BMA: Portrait of Kristiaan Borret, Bouwmeester of Brussels

Following Olivier Bastin, the second Bouwmeester (Master Architect) of Brussels is Kristiaan Borret, previously the Bouwmeester of Antwerp. We compile a profile of his career and discuss the three pillars that make up the job of a...

DDS+ : Portrait of Dominique Delbrouck

Dominique Delbrouck studied at La Cambre (Brussels) before joining movements seeking to preserve the quality of the city. She then signed up to the architectural grammar process of the Atelier d’Art Urbain, before co-founding the DDS &...

Our last videos of projects

EU Mies Award 2019

The Winners of the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award 2019 are The Transformation of 530 Dwellings - Grand Parc Bordeaux by Lacaton & Vassal architectes, Frédéric Druot...


Located on Route 66 and nestled in the northeast corner of Oklahoma, the Coleman Theatre Beautiful is a beacon for tourists from around the world. Every year visitors flock to the historic vaudeville theatre to experience the Spanish...

UP-site, Brussels – Belgium

Brussels is rather hostile to the high-rise city. So when Henri Simons, then Alderman for City Planning in the City of Brussels, put forward the idea of constructing the highest residential tower in the kingdom (140 metres high for 251...

About us

Who are we ?

Les Délires Productions sprl is an audio-visual production company based in Brussels since 1998.

With various short fiction and animation films on its lists of productions as well as documentaries and other programmes for the RTBF, CANAL +, ARTE, the UNICEF and also Disneyland Paris, Les Délires Productions sprl has become a pioneer in the production of Internet videos.

As early as 2003 the company launched into the creation of the website

Les Délires Productions also works on urban events in Brussels (Parcours surréalistes, Tribus urbaines, Humours du Monde, Mister Emma Art Loft) and, since 2006, has produced Archi Urbain, a programme on architecture and urban planning that goes out every week on Télé-Bruxelles (Belgium) and is re-screened on TNA (France), and La Trois – RTBF (Belgium). And, since 2015, Les Délires Productions launches the website