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Women’s Day

In collaboration with the FEMICITY program, we invite you to discover the first season of our portraits of women architects. 13 women tell you about their career and what drives them in the world of real estate.

Our last videos of portraits

BMA: Portrait of Kristiaan Borret, Bouwmeester of Brussels

Following Olivier Bastin, the second Bouwmeester (Master Architect) of Brussels is Kristiaan Borret, previously the Bouwmeester of Antwerp. We compile a profile of his career and discuss the three pillars that make up the job of a...

DDS+ : Portrait of Dominique Delbrouck

Dominique Delbrouck studied at La Cambre (Brussels) before joining movements seeking to preserve the quality of the city. She then signed up to the architectural grammar process of the Atelier d’Art Urbain, before co-founding the DDS &...

GENERALE : Portrait of Florence Hoffmann

Florence Hoffmann is an architect at the Brussels cooperative ‘Générale’. She works mainly on public projects. With mostly political project ownership, she characterizes her architecture as combat architecture, in order to defend her...

Our last videos of projects

UP-site, Brussels – Belgium

Brussels is rather hostile to the high-rise city. So when Henri Simons, then Alderman for City Planning in the City of Brussels, put forward the idea of constructing the highest residential tower in the kingdom (140 metres high for 251...

PARCKFARM, Brussels – Belgium

Parckfarm is a project that came out of the experience of Park Design 2914. Initiated by Brussels Environment, led by Petra Pfermenges (Alive Architecture), the aim was to sensitise the citizen to agricultural practices in the city. The...

REYERS, Brussels – Belgium

The Reyers construction project, managed by the BEAI and Lassoie Van Eyck & Associates offices on behalf of the SLRB (Brussels Region Social Housing Agency), is taking root between Rue Colonel Bourg and the E40. The project is located...

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Les Délires Productions sprl is an audio-visual production company based in Brussels since 1998.

With various short fiction and animation films on its lists of productions as well as documentaries and other programmes for the RTBF, CANAL +, ARTE, the UNICEF and also Disneyland Paris, Les Délires Productions sprl has become a pioneer in the production of Internet videos.

As early as 2003 the company launched into the creation of the website

Les Délires Productions also works on urban events in Brussels (Parcours surréalistes, Tribus urbaines, Humours du Monde, Mister Emma Art Loft) and, since 2006, has produced Archi Urbain, a programme on architecture and urban planning that goes out every week on Télé-Bruxelles (Belgium) and is re-screened on TNA (France), and La Trois – RTBF (Belgium). And, since 2015, Les Délires Productions launches the website