2.12.7. Public Infrastructure

  • PLACE MARIE JANSON, Brussels – Belgium

    PLACE MARIE JANSON, Brussels – Belgium

    As part of the « Parvis-Morichar » sustainable neighbourhood contract in Saint-Gilles, StudioPaolaVigano’ and vvv architecture urbanisme were commissioned to renovate the Place Marie Janson. The idea was quickly to connect the built front, the Saint-Gilles forecourt and the interior of the square by creating a sloping surface to let the water run off and collect it…

  • PARCKFARM, Brussels – Belgium

    PARCKFARM, Brussels – Belgium

    Parckfarm is a project that came out of the experience of Park Design 2914. Initiated by Brussels Environment, led by Petra Pfermenges (Alive Architecture), the aim was to sensitise the citizen to agricultural practices in the city. The park is signed up to a sustainability programme and is an integral part of the Tour and…