2.7. Sports Buildings

  • FONTAINAS, Brussels – Belgium

    FONTAINAS, Brussels – Belgium

    The Fontainas project consists in the reconfiguration of a wasteland, left over after the demolition of Philips factory in the 1980’s. With 10.000 m2 of greenery, it is the only large-scale park in the disadvantaged urban center of Brussels. In order to create an extended park, the project proposes to reverse the logic of the…

  • LES TREFLES, Brussels – Belgium

    LES TREFLES, Brussels – Belgium

    The ask was to accommodate some 750 students, from kindergarten to primary school, with an adjoining sports centre as well. Patrick Vonck started out with a negative reaction to the memories of my youth, being the classical rectangular building with the central corridor, enclosed, a bit claustrophobic. Project name: Les Trèfles Address: 8 rue Daniel…