• RESERVOIR A: Portrait of Julien Dailly

    RESERVOIR A: Portrait of Julien Dailly

    The Charleroi-based firm Réservoir A is one of the ten craft architecture firms that has decided to portray in film. Julien Dailly tells you all about their interest in architecture in front of Mister Emma’s camera. They describe their day-to-day work and practices. Quality architecture, architecture in good taste, but what does creating architecture…

  • MARIE CURIE, Charleroi – Belgium

    MARIE CURIE, Charleroi – Belgium

    The Marie Curie Hospital in Charleroi represents a turning point in the history of the Art & Build architectural practice, the moment they entered the healthcare sector. Designed in the form of a comb to bring in light and greenery, the hospital makes the most of the sloping ground to retain a human scale. Project…

  • Portrait of Félix Roulin

    Portrait of Félix Roulin

    Félix Roulin is a sculptor. After having started out in copperware, he experimented with various materials but it was bronze to which he was most drawn. From abstract art to the human figure, the artist talks about his career and his latest work “The Ages of Humanity”, that he has just delivered to the Marie…