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Degrowth in architecture

Phineas Harper and Maria Smith

Our last videos of portraits

Alejandro villanueva, Photo- and videographer

Alejandro villanueva, Photo- and videographer

Alejandro Villanueva est un photographe basé à Oslo spécialisé dans les intérieurs et l'architecture. Il a reçu le Architizer A + Awards 2017 pour la meilleure photographie et vidéo. sur son compte Vimeo vous découvrirez une série de vidéos, principalement des time...

MMBB : Portrait of Marta Moreira and Milton Braga

The firm MMBB in São Paulo is run by Marta Moreira and Milton Braga. They describe their architecture as ‘very Brazilian’ in the sense that it is highly attuned to the condition of a developing country. They define their aim as ‘a building...

PAULO MENDES DA ROCHA: Portrait of Paulo Mendes Da Rocha

Born into a family of Italian immigrants, Paulo Mendes Da Rocha studied architecture at Mackenzie University in São Paulo (Brazil). His desire to become an architect came from his father, who was an engineer. He does not like the word...

Our last videos of projects

GROUND UP, Brussels – Belgium

The Ground Up project led by AG Real Estate consists of animating the technical facade of the IT Tower on Avenue Louise. Three artists (Alvari, Kool Koor and Mino1) put their talent as graffiti artists together to create the largest...

TRIODOS BANK, Driebergen/Zeist – The Netherlands

The new Triodos Bank office is located at De Reehorst Estate and is optimally integrated into the surrounding area. The entire estate has been developed according to the vision that nature, culture and economy are in balance. Triodos Bank...

TIVOLI GREENCITY, Brussels – Belgium

Tivoli Sustainable Neighbourhood is the largest project that has ever undertaken.This eco-neighbourhood will include economic activity (Greenbizz), housing, two crèches, and 1,000 m² of shops.It is located on a complex...

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Who are we ?

Les Délires Productions sprl is an audio-visual production company based in Brussels since 1998.

With various short fiction and animation films on its lists of productions as well as documentaries and other programmes for the RTBF, CANAL +, ARTE, the UNICEF and also Disneyland Paris, Les Délires Productions sprl has become a pioneer in the production of Internet videos.

As early as 2003 the company launched into the creation of the website

Les Délires Productions also works on urban events in Brussels (Parcours surréalistes, Tribus urbaines, Humours du Monde, Mister Emma Art Loft) and, since 2006, has produced Archi Urbain, a programme on architecture and urban planning that goes out every week on Télé-Bruxelles (Belgium) and is re-screened on TNA (France), and La Trois – RTBF (Belgium). And, since 2015, Les Délires Productions launches the website