MONTECO, Brussels – Belgium

Located on a small plot of land on the corner of rue Montoyer and rue de l’Industrie, this new office building replaces a building of poor quality that has become obsolete.
Unlike other typical buildings in the area, whose floors are progressively set back, ARCHI2000 opted for 2 floors set back in a single block in order to free up a large and generous terrace.
With the exception of the concrete core, the columns, beams and floors are made of exposed wood, making this one of the first timber-framed buildings in the Brussels region.
On the façades, full-height glazing creates a visual porosity between the interior and exterior. Accentuating the verticality of this small corner building, long, clear, deep vertical metal profiles create a play of light and shadow throughout the day.
From a technical point of view, this new building uses no fossil fuels, thanks to the installation of 2 heat pumps covering all heating and cooling needs.
This project is a finalist at the MIPIM Awards 2024 in the Best Office & Business Project category.

Localisation: 14 rue Montoyer. 1000 Brussels
Architect: ARCHI2000
Developers: ION develop different + Nextensa
Engineering offices: VK architects+ engineers, part of Sweco + Ney & Partners WOW
Contractors: BPC Group + Wood Shapers

With Aurélien Gillet, Senior Developer (ION) – Christophe Snoeck, Architect Partner (ARCHI 2000)