Daniel Dethier

  • HOSOMI, Outrewarche – Belgium

    HOSOMI, Outrewarche – Belgium

    Dethier Architecture is interested in prefabrication in off-site with this Hosomi project. This manufacturing process optimizes working conditions, validates construction methods and continuously controls quality. A set of research has led the office to design its own modules whose basic materials are steel and wood. A huge effort has been made to ensure that these modules are as…

  • OPERA, Liège – Belgium

    OPERA, Liège – Belgium

    Portrait of the artist Jean Glibert on the work he did at the Opéra Gallery. The architect Daniel Dethier from the Dethier Architectural firm worked on the renovation of the old Opéra cinemas in the Opéra Gallery in the centre of Liège. The developer wanted to transform these places into amphitheatres that could seat 1600…