Philippe Antoine

  • GREENBIZZ, Brussels – Belgium

    GREENBIZZ, Brussels – Belgium

    Greenbizz is the economic component of the Tivoli Green City project being developed by Its great originality is in having been designed, for the first time in Brussels, with an incubation section above the workshops section. architectesassoc. has designed an innovative building with a low energy production section and a passive energy incubation section.…

  • TIVOLI GREEN CITY, Brussels – Belgium

    TIVOLI GREEN CITY, Brussels – Belgium

    Tivoli Sustainable Neighbourhood is the largest project that has ever undertaken. This eco-neighbourhood will include economic activity (Greenbizz), housing, two crèches, and 1,000 m² of shops. It is located on a complex site, as it’s squeezed in between a residential area and an industrial one. in association with Project name : Tivoli Green…