2.10.4. Facilities

  • GARDENER’S PAVILION, Brussels – Belgium

    GARDENER’S PAVILION, Brussels – Belgium

    Behind the gardeners’ pavilion there was a plan – now abandoned – to unite the two parts of the Botanical Gardens. Behind the gardeners’ pavilion was the idea of coupling its construction with the renovation of the Victoria Regina square. These two projects were dissociated, but the building designed by ÁRTER Architects kept its shape,…

  • GREENBIZZ, Brussels – Belgium

    GREENBIZZ, Brussels – Belgium

    Greenbizz is the economic component of the Tivoli Green City project being developed by citydev.brussels. Its great originality is in having been designed, for the first time in Brussels, with an incubation section above the workshops section. architectesassoc. has designed an innovative building with a low energy production section and a passive energy incubation section.…

  • CITE ADMINISTRATIVE, Brussels – Belgium

    CITE ADMINISTRATIVE, Brussels – Belgium

    The Cité Administrative is an extremely exciting project for the Archi 2000 Firm. It is located 5 to 600 metres away from the Grand-Place and from the Gare Centrale, right next to the Colonne du Congrès. Altogether this really is quite a symbolic site in Brussels, with the urban environment having a certain quality. There…