Located on Route 66 and nestled in the northeast corner of Oklahoma, the Coleman Theatre Beautiful is a beacon for tourists from around the world. Every year visitors flock to the historic vaudeville theatre to experience the Spanish Colonial Mission-style exterior and the Louis XV interior. They marvel at the use of gargoyles, dolphins, cherubs and faces throughout the facility. And, let’s not forget about the “Mighty Wurlitzer” pipe organ.

Project name: Coleman Theatre Beautiful
Address: 103 N Main St, Miami, OK 74354, USA
Assignation/Destination: Theatre

Name of client: George L. Coleman Sr.
Name of architect: –
in association with:

Name of engineers:
– Stability Consultancy firm:
– Special techniques Consultancy firm:
– EPC Consultancy firm:
– Acoustics Consultancy firm:
– Healt & Safety Coordinator:
– Control Agency :

Name of contractors:
– Main contractor:
– Professions/trades:

Project status: Complete (1929)

Size of project: 3 ha
Budget: $600,000

Technical sheet of this architecture video clip
Journalist : Emma C. Dessouroux
Cameramen : Didier Minne – Geoffroy Minne / Kinodoc

Editing : Emma C. Dessouroux / Cristina Dias
Direction : Emma C. Dessouroux
Production : Les Délires Productions

Translation : MDR Translations
Subtitles : Les Délires Productions

Speakers : –



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