In addition to your capsule going out on your internal networks and to your clientele, you also benefit automatically from the capsule going out on the website.’s objective is to become the Internet reference site for architecture video at an international level. It introduces the internaut to the world of real estate, architecture, urban planning, landscape design and management via the diffusion of the architecture video clips produced by Les Délires Productions sprl.
The diffusion of the projects is complemented by the portraits, which enable the strong points of the work undertaken to be seen in a better context and also lend an added human feel as far as the architecture and real estate are concerned. The products are shown in a context that demonstrates their qualities and the ways in which they can be used.
The website is in English: all of the videos are presented in the language of the person speaking and are automatically sub-titled in English so that they are understood by the greatest number of people.

In addition, thanks to its experience in the world of media and the Internet, Les Délires Productions does everything possible to maximise the diffusion of each architecture video clip through the media partners of the CAVIAR project.


BX1 (Belgium)
From 1th February 2016 / Every monday 5:30 p.m. / rebroadcast every hour