• FONTAINAS, Brussels – Belgium

    FONTAINAS, Brussels – Belgium

    The Fontainas project consists in the reconfiguration of a wasteland, left over after the demolition of Philips factory in the 1980’s. With 10.000 m2 of greenery, it is the only large-scale park in the disadvantaged urban center of Brussels. In order to create an extended park, the project proposes to reverse the logic of the…

  • PLUME, Brussels-Belgium

    PLUME, Brussels-Belgium

    The Marolles is an area in the heart of Brussels which, historically, has been the focus for various social housing projects. The Plume project – developed by the B612associates practice, consists of two passive buildings of 8 housing units in total, a few steps away from the Place du Jeu de Balle. with the support…

  • HQE BRUYN, Brussels – Belgium

    HQE BRUYN, Brussels – Belgium

    In 2008 the CPAS (Public Social Welfare Centre) launched a competition for 3 sites around Neder-over-Heembeek: Bruyn Est, Bruyn Ouest and Bruyn Nord. B612 Associates won the competition for Bruyn Est. The ground really was on the border between the edge of the urban development and the countryside. The key to the whole project lay…