Guido Vanderhulst

  • BRASSERIES ATLAS, Brussels – Belgium

    BRASSERIES ATLAS, Brussels – Belgium

    In September 2023, the artists and craftsmen of the Brasseries Atlas organized an exhibition of their work and the history of the building. Émile Barret contacted ARCHI URBAIN to obtain the archives of Mister Emma’s interviews with Guido Vanderhulst in 2006 and Philippe De Bloos and Christophe Lambert in 2012. It was time to take…

  • DOCKS BRUXSEL, Brussels – Belgium

    DOCKS BRUXSEL, Brussels – Belgium

    Docks Bruxsel is a hub, a place for exchange and a place to live, underpinned by the economic support of commerce. The aim of this new commercial pole in the north of Brussels is to bring life to an old neighbourhood that was once marked by the presence of the warehouses and activities of the…