Les Délires Productions has decided to launch a call for projects for the production of eight documentaries on the following themes:
1. Hospitals
2. My beautiful city
3. The new offices
4. Eco-construction
5. Shopping
6. Living in nature
7. Places of culture
8. Hotels

If you have any projects that could be entered into one or several of these themes, please contact us by sending a photo and a description of your project to info@lesdelires.be.

There are no limits on the location of the projects submitted.

Les Délires Productions a décidé de lancer un appel à projets pour la production de 8 documentaires sur les thématiques suivantes :

1. Les hôpitaux
2. Molenbeek, ma belle
3. Les nouveaux bureaux
4. L’eco-construction
5. Shopping
6. Vivre dans la nature (Living in nature)
7. Lieux de culture
8. Les hôtels

Si vous avez des projets qui peuvent rentrer dans une ou plusieurs thématiques, merci de nous contacter en envoyant une photo et les caractéristiques de votre projet à info@lesdelires.be.
Il n’y a pas de limite de lieux pour les projets présentés.

CALL FOR PROJECTS: Participate in our 2016 collection

About The Author
- Les Délires Productions sprl is an audio-visual production company based in Brussels since 1998. With various short fiction and animation films on its lists of productions as well as documentaries and other programmes for the RTBF, CANAL +, ARTE, the UNICEF and also Disneyland Paris, Les Délires Productions sprl has become a pioneer in the production of Internet videos. As early as 2003 the company launched into the creation of the website misteremma.com. Les Délires Productions also works on urban events in Brussels (Parcours surréalistes, Tribus urbaines, Humours du Monde, Mister Emma Art Loft) and, since 2006, has produced Archi Urbain, a programme on architecture and urban planning that goes out every week on Télé-Bruxelles (Belgium) and is re-screened on TNA (France), and La Trois – RTBF (Belgium). Would you like us to produce an architecture video clip of your work and also benefit from the services of caviar.archi? Contact us at info@lesdelires.be


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