2.1.5. Single Houses

  • VIGNETTE, Brussels – Belgium

    VIGNETTE, Brussels – Belgium

    Denis and Sandrine lived in rue de la Vignette in Auderghem, and were looking for a bigger house. A plot of land was available just opposite their home. They hired Karbon’ to design a house that would connect with the back garden. The architects proposed a wooden house and helped them to live in a…

  • VILLA 356, Bandol – France

    VILLA 356, Bandol – France

    One late summer afternoon, I received a phone call from the architect Rudy Ricciotti. He knew I was in the South of France. He asked me to visit his clients to see the house he had built for them in Bandol. At 10pm I found myself at David and Carole Warren’s, in a house tucked…

  • HOSOMI, Outrewarche – Belgium

    HOSOMI, Outrewarche – Belgium

    Dethier Architecture is interested in prefabrication in off-site with this Hosomi project. This manufacturing process optimizes working conditions, validates construction methods and continuously controls quality. A set of research has led the office to design its own modules whose basic materials are steel and wood. A huge effort has been made to ensure that these modules are as…

  • LAITY LODGE, Frio River – Texas Hill Country

    LAITY LODGE, Frio River – Texas Hill Country

    LAITY LODGE, Frio River – Texas Hill Country Designed: Overland PartnersArchitect: John Byrd, Landscape Architect Christy Ten Eyck 00

  • DE RODE POORT, Brussels – Belgium

    DE RODE POORT, Brussels – Belgium

    DE RODE POORT, Brussels – Belgiumwith Dominique Barrat et Jonathan Fronhoffs / Charles Rose, Rose’s Natural Homes / Pierre Deru, Architect, Atelier Architecture & Developpement Durable 00

  • VERBIEST, Brussels – Belgium

    VERBIEST, Brussels – Belgium

    Project name: VerbiestAddress: 5 rue Jean Verbiest. 1080 BrusselsAssignation/Destination: House Name of client: Harold Fallon – Evelia MacalName of architect: AgwA, Evelia MacalName of building engineer: MK Engineering Technical sheet of this architecture video clipJournalist : Emma C. DessourouxCameraman : Mister Emma Editing : Cristina DiasDirection : Emma C. DessourouxProduction : Les Délires Productions Translation…

  • CASA MASETTI, São Paulo – Brazil

    CASA MASETTI, São Paulo – Brazil

    The Casa Masetti is a house designed by Paulo Mendes Da Rocha in the early 1970s. The architecture was inspired by the cliff on which it is built. The house consists of two spaces: the open, airy ground floor and the living space. Made of concrete, the house is suspended above the ground on four…

  • LUC SCHUITEN: Vertical gardens – Brussels Belgium

    LUC SCHUITEN: Vertical gardens – Brussels Belgium

    Luc Schuiten has designed various solutions for the abandoned corners of the city to bring a little poetry, nature but also housing for the homeless. He has listed 300 places in Brussels and only the municipality of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean has provided him with a building plot: the one in which ruled András Pándy, a pastor of…