• CAMPUS CERIA, Brussels – Belgium

    CAMPUS CERIA, Brussels – Belgium

    The CERIA campus is one of the most important campuses in the Brussels-Capital Region. The various schools located on the site are generally linked to the food industry but there is also a scientific research center in microbiology. Two new secondary schools with active pedagogy will be built in the coming months by the architects…

  • TIVOLI GREENCITY, Brussels – Belgium

    TIVOLI GREENCITY, Brussels – Belgium

    Tivoli Sustainable Neighbourhood is the largest project that has ever undertaken.This eco-neighbourhood will include economic activity (Greenbizz), housing, two crèches, and 1,000 m² of shops.It is located on a complex site, as it’s squeezed in between a residential area and an industrial one. Project name: Tivoli GreenCityAddress : rue de Tivoli – rue de…