• BOURSE, Brussels – Belgium

    BOURSE, Brussels – Belgium

    Mister Emma has conducted an investigation into the history of the Bourse: what is the origin of this iconic building in the heart of Brussels and what were the stages in its majestic renovation? Mister Emma provides the answers, thanks to interviews with Philippe Close, Mayor of the City of Brussels, and architects Nicolas Bouquelle…

  • THE LOUISE, Brussels – Belgium

    THE LOUISE, Brussels – Belgium

    The Louise Tower, known as Generali on Avenue Louise in Brussels, is undergoing a major renovation and is now called The Louise. Brussels-based A2RC has been commissioned to bring the Polak brothers’ 1963 building into the 21st century. The tower retains its characteristic diamond shape, tinted windows and original colors. On the other hand, other…

  • GARDEN CITY MOVEMENT: Le Logis and Floréal, Brussels – Belgium

    GARDEN CITY MOVEMENT: Le Logis and Floréal, Brussels – Belgium

    The concept of the garden city was imagined in 1898 by Ebenezer Howard, a British urban planner. His goal was to remedy the uncontrolled growth of cities, to fight against the disintegration of the social link and to improve the comfort of life and the health of workers. In Belgium, this idea will percolate from…