GARDEN CITY MOVEMENT: Le Logis and Floréal, Brussels – Belgium

The concept of the garden city was imagined in 1898 by Ebenezer Howard, a British urban planner. His goal was to remedy the uncontrolled growth of cities, to fight against the disintegration of the social link and to improve the comfort of life and the health of workers.

In Belgium, this idea will percolate from 1908 but it is in the 20’s that this concept will be really put into practice. In this program, we offer you a focus on the garden cities Le Logis and Floréal in Watermael-Boitsfort in the company of the guide Nathalie d.W.

Louis Van der Swaelmen and the architect Jean-Jules Eggericx are responsible for the design of these two garden cities, a real movie set in the Brussels-Capital Region.

You will discover in this report that it is not only the window frames (yellow and green) that distinguish the two cities. Numerous topographical and architectural tricks punctuate the life of the inhabitants and break the monotony that one could imagine with an identical succession of houses.

The genius of this urban planning and architecture is due to the two protagonists mentioned above and also to Lucien François, Raymond Moenart, Georges Van Kerckhove and Josse Mouton.

Technical sheet of this architecture video clip
Journalist: Emma C. Dessouroux
Cameramen: Emma C. Dessouroux (Les Délires Productions)

Editing: Emma C. Dessouroux, Cristina Dias
Music : Gabriel Covea Ramos
Direction: Mister Emma
Production: Les Délires Productions

Translation: DuMilieu Media
Rereading: Serge Ryckoort (Emelire)
Subtitles: Orico Studio + MDR Translations

Nathalie d.W. (tour guide, Compagnons du quartier Floréal)


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