TRIODOS BANK, Driebergen/Zeist – The Netherlands

The new Triodos Bank office is located at De Reehorst Estate and is optimally integrated into the surrounding area. The entire estate has been developed according to the vision that nature, culture and economy are in balance. Triodos Bank on De Reehorst estate should become the place to work and meet everyone who sees money as a means to generate positive impact.

Project name: Triodos Bank Nederlands
Address: De Reehorst, Driebergen/Zeist – The Netherlands
Assignation/Destination: Bank, offices

Name of client: Triodos Bank
Name of architect: Rau Architecten
Name of interior architect: EX-interiors
Other partners: Arcadis Adviseur(s): Derix, BBN adviseurs, Deerns, dGmr, Aronsohn, Bosman installatietechniek

Status : completed (September 2019)

Speakers :
Odette Ex (Interior Architect, EX-Interiors) – Thomas Rau (Architect, RAU Architecten)


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