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The Twin House will become the Twin Falls under the leadership of the B2Ai architects office. On behalf of Eaglestone, the Brussels architectural office imagined a major transformation of an old office complex on the edge of Boulevard de la Woluwe to give it a contemporary function responding to the housing shortage in the Brussels-Capital Region.

Technical sheet of this architecture video clip
Journalist: Emma C. Dessouroux
Cameraman: Emma C. Dessouroux (Les Délires Productions)

Editing: Emma C. Dessouroux, Cristina Dias
Music : Gabriel Covea Ramos
Direction: Mister Emma
Production: Les Délires Productions

Translation: Dumilieu Media
Rereading: Serge Ryckoort / Emelire
Subtitles: Orico Studio

Simon Claeys (Ir-architect Partner, B2Ai architects)