This 26-minute short film tells the story of the renaming of the Leopold II tunnel to Annie Cordy and talks about the artistic work of Charlotte Beaudry who imagined a piece of work to animate the 5 km of tunnel, a piece of work that honours the women of Brussels today and tomorrow. Women take their place in the tunnel, they are there and they are there.

This film is a women’s film. Mister Emma gives the floor to the Minister of Mobility of the Brussels-Capital Region, Elke Van den Brandt, who is in charge of the project. She decided to rename the tunnel and asked the architectural firm ArtBuild to find an artist. Leslie Midy is in charge of this project within the agency, and has joined forces with curator Alice Van Den Abeele for the artistic part. Finally, the lighting of the tunnel and Charlotte Beaudry’s work was entrusted to Radiance 35, directed by lighting planner Isabelle Corten. Finally, the production of the reportage is enhanced by the talent of editor Cristina Dias and the music of Lou Wéry.

Too little thought has been given to urban space for the various users without distinction of gender, age or social background. Today, it is clear that urban space is being thought through in a different way in order to offer the inhabitants of cities and the countryside more inclusive living spaces. This is happening through reflections, research, attempts and practices that are currently underway in Barcelona, Vienna, Geneva, Paris and Brussels.

On Thursday 19 May 2022 at 7pm, the Palace cinema in Brussels and the Archi Urbain programme (BX1) invited various experts to debate this subject. The debate was filmed. You can find the video at the bottom of this text.


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