BOTASOLAR, Brussels – Belgium

Stéphane Dykman buys a building at the corner of rue Neuve and place Rogier in Brussels. Quickly, he told himself that something was missing from his building. He then decides to seek with the help of many architects the solution to give this building the proportions it should have. He finally turned to Ney & Partners and SunSoak Design who made him a solar sail 11 meters high.

Technical sheet of this architecture video clip
Journalist: Emma C. Dessouroux
Cameramen: Emma C. Dessouroux (Les Délires Productions) – Denis Leclercq (Mandarine) – Christophe Lecoq (Novsky Films)

Editing: Emma C. Dessouroux, Cristina Dias
Music : Gabriel Covea Ramos
Direction: Mister Emma
Production: Les Délires Productions

Transcription: Emma C. Dessouroux, Anne-Marie Diriken
Translation: MDR Translations
Rereading: Serge Ryckoort / Emelire
Subtitles: Orico Studio

Stéphane Dykman (Manager, Stephano Immo) – Laurent Ney (CEO, Ney & Partners), Toon Maas (Engineer architect, Ney & Partners) – Jean-Didier Steenackers (Architect & Solar Designer, SunSoak Design) – Philippe Fisette (Projects Manager, Immo Pro) – Alexandre Smeets (Manager, Immo Pro)


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