OXY, Brussels – Belgium

The former Anspach center on Place de Brouckère in Brussels will be transformed into a multifunctional sustainable building. The real estate developers, Whitewood and Immobel, choose Snøhetta in collaboration with belgian company Binst Architects to redesign the tower. These two companies joined the executive team, the architects who monitor the bidding documents and the construction itself. These are DDS + and ADE offices.

Technical sheet of this architecture video clip
Journalist: Emma C. Dessouroux
Cameramen: Emma C. Dessouroux (Les Délires Productions)
Drone: Christophe Lecoq (Novsky Films)

Editing: Emma C. Dessouroux, Cristina Dias
Music : Gabriel Covea Ramos
Direction: Mister Emma
Production: Les Délires Productions

Transcription: Anne-Marie Diriken
Translation: Dumilieu Media
Rereading: Serge Ryckoort / Emelire
Subtitles: Orico Studio

Valerie Vermandel (Chief Development Officer, Whitewood) and Gwen Vreven (Development Officer, Immobel)


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