• DE LENTLOPER, Nijmegen – The Netherlands

    DE LENTLOPER, Nijmegen – The Netherlands

    Filmmaker Martijn Schinkel portrays « De Lentloper » a small modern bridge in Nijmegen (NL). This poetic, experimental short shows how a new bridge, his habitants, surroundings, and users become one for probably centuries to come. Commissioned by Laurent Ney & Chris Poulissen N&P Bridging. 00

  • GRAND POSTE, Liège – Belgium

    GRAND POSTE, Liège – Belgium

    La Grand Poste is a building that the people of Liège know well but, after years of abandonment, BPI and Noshaq asked the ALTIPLAN ° architects office to renovate the old building into a co-working center, a brasserie, a food market and to welcome the communication department of the University of Liège. Mister Emma talks…

  • QUATUOR, Brussels – Belgium

    QUATUOR, Brussels – Belgium

    From the monobloc of the Flemish administration, Jaspers-Eyers Architects, on behalf of the developer Befimmo, designed 4 small towers linked together by a base which encloses a green space open to all. Offices, shops, a Silversquare, a fitness center and other activities will come in the coming weeks to liven up the entrance to the…

  • BOTASOLAR, Brussels – Belgium

    BOTASOLAR, Brussels – Belgium

    Stéphane Dykman buys a building at the corner of rue Neuve and place Rogier in Brussels. Quickly, he told himself that something was missing from his building. He then decides to seek with the help of many architects the solution to give this building the proportions it should have. He finally turned to Ney &…

  • SUNSOAK DESIGN: Portrait of SunSoak Design

    SUNSOAK DESIGN: Portrait of SunSoak Design

    Sunsoak Design looks at renewables with an architect’s eye. Jean-Didier Steenackers and his teams manufacture solar machines that maximize solar radiation. We will find their achievements at Tour & Taxis, on the BotaSolar building in Brussels. The company also works well in Belgium with architectural offices such as ASSAR architects and architectesassoc. and also with…

  • ARCHILAB: 0 Carbone

    ARCHILAB: 0 Carbone

    Real estate developers have a big role to play in the ongoing environmental and societal changes and challenges. Aware of this new reality, Atenor has set up a think tank called ArchiLAB, i.e. a Think tank, a laboratory of ideas and observations, which brings together experts from different backgrounds likely to best trace the path to…

  • CAMPUS CERIA, Brussels – Belgium

    CAMPUS CERIA, Brussels – Belgium

    The CERIA campus is one of the most important campuses in the Brussels-Capital Region. The various schools located on the site are generally linked to the food industry but there is also a scientific research center in microbiology. Two new secondary schools with active pedagogy will be built in the coming months by the architects…

  • GARE MARITIME seen by NEY & PARTNERS WOW, Brussels – Belgium

    GARE MARITIME seen by NEY & PARTNERS WOW, Brussels – Belgium

    Pierre-Antoine Cordy is Managing Director at Ney & Partners WOW, the subsidiary company specializing in wood at Ney & Partners. He tells us about his work and woodworking in construction, giving as an example their involvement in the renovation of the Maritime Station on Tour & Taxis site in Brussels. Technical sheet of this architecture…

  • EVENTS @ TOUR & TAXIS, Brussels – Belgium

    EVENTS @ TOUR & TAXIS, Brussels – Belgium

    This video shows the diversity of activities offered on the Tour & Taxis site: drive in, food trucks, food mall, salsa lessons ans also an urban park to stroll, play sports or relax with friends. Events at Tour et Taxis take different paths: outdoors or indoors, a basketball or volleyball court can be set up, a…

  • PARC @ TOUR & TAXIS, Brussels – Belgium

    PARC @ TOUR & TAXIS, Brussels – Belgium

    This video presents the development of green spaces on the site of Tour & Taxi and mainly the large park designed by town planner Bas Smets. On the edge of this park, the former Brussels Regional Minister for the Environment, Energy and Housing of the Brussels-Capital Region, Céline Frémault, commissioned Bas Smet to create a work…