Discussion with Phineas Harper (Deputy director, critic, curator) and Maria Smith (Architect, Engineer, Writer, Climate activist) about degrowth in economics and architecture in particular.Program recorded when they came to Brussels, at Recyclart, at the request of the ICA-WB on March 5, 2020. +10

  • TRIODOS BANK, Driebergen/Zeist – The Netherlands

    TRIODOS BANK, Driebergen/Zeist – The Netherlands

    The new Triodos Bank office is located at De Reehorst Estate and is optimally integrated into the surrounding area. The entire estate has been developed according to the vision that nature, culture and economy are in balance. Triodos Bank on De Reehorst estate should become the place to work and meet everyone who sees money…

  • MMBB : Portrait of Marta Moreira and Milton Braga

    MMBB : Portrait of Marta Moreira and Milton Braga

    The firm MMBB in São Paulo is run by Marta Moreira and Milton Braga. They describe their architecture as ‘very Brazilian’ in the sense that it is highly attuned to the condition of a developing country. They define their aim as ‘a building that makes people happy’. There is always an intention behind their studies, whether they…

  • TIVOLI GREENCITY, Brussels – Belgium

    TIVOLI GREENCITY, Brussels – Belgium

    Tivoli Sustainable Neighbourhood is the largest project that has ever undertaken.This eco-neighbourhood will include economic activity (Greenbizz), housing, two crèches, and 1,000 m² of shops.It is located on a complex site, as it’s squeezed in between a residential area and an industrial one. Project name: Tivoli GreenCityAddress : rue de Tivoli – rue de…

  • RED CROSS CARE HOTEL, Zuienkerke – Belgium

    RED CROSS CARE HOTEL, Zuienkerke – Belgium

    The Red Cross-Flanders hotel in Zuienkerke provides people, who due to illness, age, social circumstances or special needs are unable to go on holiday, with the opportunity to unwind, with or without their caretakers. The Polderwind domain is located by a large lake in the rugged landscape of the West Flemish Polders. The circular volume…

  • THE COSMOPOLITAN, Brussels – Belgium

    THE COSMOPOLITAN, Brussels – Belgium

    The Cosmopolitan is set to be the newest landmark in central Brussels, a pure white tower into the sky, designed by BOGDAN & VAN BROECK. From the upper floors, it offers stunning views across the whole city. White isn’t the only colour for The Cosmopolitan. You will definitely notice the green as well. Green on site…

  • GRANARY ISLAND, Gdańsk – Poland

    GRANARY ISLAND, Gdańsk – Poland

    The project involves maintaining the historical remains of granaries, enriching them with modern, functional housing with public space. During the first phase of the project building of the footbridge over the Motława River, reconstruction and adding the new lifting mechanism to the Stągiewny bridge and expansion of the marina will be taken. Chmielna Street and…

  • PAULO MENDES DA ROCHA: Portrait of Paulo Mendes Da Rocha

    PAULO MENDES DA ROCHA: Portrait of Paulo Mendes Da Rocha

    Born into a family of Italian immigrants, Paulo Mendes Da Rocha studied architecture at Mackenzie University in São Paulo (Brazil). His desire to become an architect came from his father, who was an engineer. He does not like the word ‘creation’ in architecture. For him, architecture is the result of a thought process guided objectively…

  • CANAL WHARF, Brussels – Belgium

    CANAL WHARF, Brussels – Belgium

    EN / Design of the Canal Wharf project has been entrusted to three famous Belgian architects: Stéphane Beel, 51N4E and architectesassoc., who coordinated the coherence of the ensemble.Each architect has worked from common set of specifications setting rules for finishes, choice of materials, placing of balconies and shapes of window and doorframes.The architects’ inspiration and…

  • CASA MASETTI, São Paulo – Brazil

    CASA MASETTI, São Paulo – Brazil

    The Casa Masetti is a house designed by Paulo Mendes Da Rocha in the early 1970s. The architecture was inspired by the cliff on which it is built. The house consists of two spaces: the open, airy ground floor and the living space. Made of concrete, the house is suspended above the ground on four…