GARE MARITIME seen by NEY & PARTNERS WOW, Brussels – Belgium

Pierre-Antoine Cordy is Managing Director at Ney & Partners WOW, the subsidiary company specializing in wood at Ney & Partners. He tells us about his work and woodworking in construction, giving as an example their involvement in the renovation of the Maritime Station on Tour & Taxis site in Brussels.

Technical sheet of this architecture video clip
Journalist: Emma C. Dessouroux
Cameramen: Didier Minne – Geoffroy Minne – Emanuel Pinto Mister Emma

Editing: Cristina Dias
Music : Gabriel Covea Ramos
Direction: Emma C. Dessouroux
Production: Les Délires Productions

Translation: Dumilieu Media
Rereading: Serge Ryckoort / Emelire
Subtitles: Les Délires Productions – Dumilieu Media

Pierre-Antoine Cordy, Partner – Managing Director, Ney & Partners WOW


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