• Suzan Daniel Bridge, Brussels – Belgium

    Suzan Daniel Bridge, Brussels – Belgium

    Quick and easy access from Brussels North Station and Tour & Taxis site is now a reality thanks to the Suzan Daniel bridge.It links the Avenue du Port and the Willebroek quay and is reserved for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport.The bridge will be of the BOW STRING type and will have two separate traffic…

  • NOR, Brussels – Belgium

    NOR, Brussels – Belgium

    The NOR project is part of the revitalisation of the North district (called Manhattan) in the heart of Brussels. In the 1980s, this administrative district was built (painfully), but a few decades later, it has become obsolete and the buildings are gradually being renovated to contemporary standards (watch the video « Quatuor » to see an another…

  • The Insane Plan to Lift a New York Theatre

    The Insane Plan to Lift a New York Theatre

    Engineers are lifting a theatre to build a new, more contemporary complex on the ground floor.It’s happening in Time Square, in the heart of New York… 00



    This 26-minute short film tells the story of the renaming of the Leopold II tunnel to Annie Cordy and talks about the artistic work of Charlotte Beaudry who imagined a piece of work to animate the 5 km of tunnel, a piece of work that honours the women of Brussels today and tomorrow. Women take…



    For more than 100 years, the chairs of the Cathedral of Lausanne have welcomed many faithful for masses and for other activities. it was time to change them to meet current needs. At the same time, it was decided to change the liturgical furnishings.The principle for assembling the benches comes from a technological transfer from…



    When we think of Dubai, we don’t really think of sustainability. And yet, that’s the challenge Diamond Developers has set itself by searching around the world for solutions to make real estate more sustainable and applying those solutions in Dubai. They have created a community in which every aspect has been thought out from a…

  • BNP PARIBAS FORTIS, Brussels – Belgium

    BNP PARIBAS FORTIS, Brussels – Belgium

    For 200 years, the headquarters of Société Générale de Banque, now BNP Paribas Fortis, have been located at 3 Montagne du Parc in Brussels. In the early 2010s, the question of renovating the historic building arose. In collaboration with the first Bouwmeester in Brussels, an international architectural competition was launched to imagine a new head…

  • THE GREEN ARCH, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

    THE GREEN ARCH, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

    At the request of the builder Besix, the architectural firms Vincent Callebaut Architectures and Assar Architects have combined their know-how to offer a sustainable and innovative Belgian pavilion at the Expo 2020 of Dubai. It combines intensive greenery and futuristic design in solid wood. The pavilion aims to be exemplary in terms of sustainable development.…

  • BRUCITY, Brussels – Belgium

    BRUCITY, Brussels – Belgium

    This video looks back on the move of the administrative services of the City of Brussels from the Anspach tower to the former site of Parking 58, now called BRUCITY. The history of the site, the archaeological excavations, the evolution of the architectural project, listening to the teams, all aspects of the project are studied…

  • TWIN FALLS, Brussels – Belgium

    TWIN FALLS, Brussels – Belgium

    The Twin House will become the Twin Falls under the leadership of the B2Ai architects office. On behalf of Eaglestone, the Brussels architectural office imagined a major transformation of an old office complex on the edge of Boulevard de la Woluwe to give it a contemporary function responding to the housing shortage in the Brussels-Capital…