2.3. Educational Buildings

  • BOURSE, Brussels – Belgium

    BOURSE, Brussels – Belgium

    Mister Emma has conducted an investigation into the history of the Bourse: what is the origin of this iconic building in the heart of Brussels and what were the stages in its majestic renovation? Mister Emma provides the answers, thanks to interviews with Philippe Close, Mayor of the City of Brussels, and architects Nicolas Bouquelle…

  • GRANDE HALLE, Brussels – Belgium

    GRANDE HALLE, Brussels – Belgium

    Located in the heart of the Heyvaert district of Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, well known for the car trade to Africa, this flagship project of the « Petite Senne » sustainable neighbourhood contract is built on the site of a former industrial hall built in 1910 on the Quai de l’Industrie. The site, which extends into the interior of the…

  • The Insane Plan to Lift a New York Theatre

    The Insane Plan to Lift a New York Theatre

    Engineers are lifting a theatre to build a new, more contemporary complex on the ground floor.It’s happening in Time Square, in the heart of New York… 00

  • THE GREEN ARCH, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

    THE GREEN ARCH, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

    At the request of the builder Besix, the architectural firms Vincent Callebaut Architectures and Assar Architects have combined their know-how to offer a sustainable and innovative Belgian pavilion at the Expo 2020 of Dubai. It combines intensive greenery and futuristic design in solid wood. The pavilion aims to be exemplary in terms of sustainable development.…

  • SAINT-MICHEL, Brussels-Belgium

    SAINT-MICHEL, Brussels-Belgium

    The old Saint-Michel tobacco factories, which is located on the edge of the Tour et Taxis site in Brussels, have been transformed into two Flemish schools by the B2Ai architects office. This project responds in an exemplary way to the problem of square meters of empty offices in Brussels or how to transform an industrial…

  • LE PHARE, Andenne – Belgium

    LE PHARE, Andenne – Belgium

    Thomas Kempeneers, Director of Le Phare, gives us a tour of his place where you will find a library, a tourist office, a museum and a rooftop with a breathtaking view of the region. The building that houses these many functions was previously a school. The architects Gil Honoré (AIUD) and Rudy Ricciotti have combined…

  • LE MONTY, Genappe – Belgium

    LE MONTY, Genappe – Belgium

    Alain Moreau is a kind of Géo Trouvetou, he is above all the founder of Tof Théâtre, a company of puppet shows, and director of the cultural space Le Monty in Genappe. When architects Matthieu Delatte and Alessandro Pontara of the Karbon’ office encounter space, they find a tired building. But far from saying that…

  • GRAND POSTE, Liège – Belgium

    GRAND POSTE, Liège – Belgium

    La Grand Poste is a building that the people of Liège know well but, after years of abandonment, BPI and Noshaq asked the ALTIPLAN ° architects office to renovate the old building into a co-working center, a brasserie, a food market and to welcome the communication department of the University of Liège. Mister Emma talks…

  • BOTASOLAR, Brussels – Belgium

    BOTASOLAR, Brussels – Belgium

    Stéphane Dykman buys a building at the corner of rue Neuve and place Rogier in Brussels. Quickly, he told himself that something was missing from his building. He then decides to seek with the help of many architects the solution to give this building the proportions it should have. He finally turned to Ney &…

  • CAMPUS CERIA, Brussels – Belgium

    CAMPUS CERIA, Brussels – Belgium

    The CERIA campus is one of the most important campuses in the Brussels-Capital Region. The various schools located on the site are generally linked to the food industry but there is also a scientific research center in microbiology. Two new secondary schools with active pedagogy will be built in the coming months by the architects…