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BELLE-VUE, Brussels – Belgium

Following its acquisition of the old Belle-Vue breweries site in Molenbeek (Brussels, Belgium), Nelson Canal has, with the help of the A2M architectural office, been working on renovating the buildings and giving them a new direction: a...

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LES TREFLES, Brussels – Belgium

The ask was to accommodate some 750 students, from kindergarten to primary school, with an adjoining sports centre as well. Patrick Vonck started out with a negative reaction to the memories of my youth, being the classical rectangular...

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DOCKS BRUXSEL, Brussels – Belgium

Docks Bruxsel is a hub, a place for exchange and a place to live, underpinned by the economic support of commerce. The aim of this new commercial pole in the north of Brussels is to bring life to an old neighbourhood that was once marked by...

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GREENBIZZ, Brussels – Belgium

Greenbizz is the economic component of the Tivoli Green City project being developed by citydev.brussels. Its great originality is in having been designed, for the first time in Brussels, with an incubation section above the workshops...

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TIVOLI GREEN CITY, Brussels – Belgium

Tivoli Sustainable Neighbourhood is the largest project that citydev.brussels has ever undertaken. This eco-neighbourhood will include economic activity (Greenbizz), housing, two crèches, and 1,000 m² of shops. It is located on a complex...

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NEWTON SME PARK, Brussels – Belgium

citydev.brussels did not use to have any no built units intended for small SMEs in Brussels. But with the Brussels Newton SME Park, citydev.brussels has now created a park with around fifteen 250 sqm units. The building was designed by the...

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For more than 100 years, the chairs of the Cathedral of Lausanne have welcomed many faithful for masses and for other activities. it was time to change them to meet current needs. At the same time, it was decided to change the liturgical furnishings.
The principle for assembling the benches comes from a technological transfer from IBOIS (EPFL) to which designer Thierry Didot and cabinetmaker GAB Manufacture gave shape.
This film traces the history of the new furniture in the cathedral from the felling of the tree to its arrival in the cathedral on April 1, 2022.

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