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GARE MARITIME, Brussels – Belgium (2/2)

The Gare Maritime was one of the largest railway stations in Europe. As part of the development of the Tour & Taxis site, Extensa hired Neutelings Riedijk Architects to design and regenerate the building as a covered town. This vidéo is...

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MAISON BILOBA HUIS, Brussels – Belgium

The Biloba project is about innovative housing, integrated with the neighbourhood and providing vulnerable people with a quality of life in a popular neighbourhood of the Schaerbeek municipality in Brussels. The 15 low-energy residential...

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WHITE, Brussels – Belgium

The White Cinema, operated by Belga Films, is located on the top floor of the Docks Bruxsel shopping centre. Conceived by the architect Renaud Dejeneffe, it disorientates the onlooker by its whiteness. The architect imagined his concept...

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IXELLES-EMPLOI, Brussels – Belgium

The municipality of Ixelles (Brussels, Belgium) has launched a design and build competition for the construction of a House of Employment (Maison de l’Emploi) on its property. The project was awarded to the A2m Office, who submitted an...

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ANVERS-SIMONS, Brussels – Belgium

The Anvers-Simons project, designed by the A2M office, is part of a program aimed at creating school places in the City of Brussels, and bringing expressive architecture to a crèche, a nursery school, passive housing units, and a sports...

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MARIE CURIE, Charleroi – Belgium

The Marie Curie Hospital in Charleroi represents a turning point in the history of the Art & Build architectural practice, the moment they entered the healthcare sector. Designed in the form of a comb to bring in light and greenery, the...

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As part of Archiweek’s Sustainable Architecture Days, caviar.archi offers you 4 reports on the 6 building site visits proposed by Mister Emma.
Discover the videos below.

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